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How many different kinds of emotions do you feel? You may be  1  to find that it is very hard to specify all of them. Not only  2  hard to describe in words, they are difficult to  3  . As a result, two people rarely  4  all of them. However, there are a number of  5  emotions that most people experience.

When we receive something that we want, or something happens  6  we like, we usually feel joy or happiness. Joy is a positive and powerful emotion,  7  for which we all strive. It is natural to want to be happy, and all of us  8  happiness. As a general  9  , joy occurs when we reach a  10  goal or obtain a desired object.

 11  people often desire different goals and objects, it is  12  that one person may find joy in repairing an automobile,  13  another may find joy in solving a math problem. Of course, we often share  14  goals or interests, and therefore we can experience joy together. This may be in sports, in the arts, in learning, in raising a family, or in  15  being together.

When we have difficulty  16  desired objects of reaching desired goals we experience  17  emotions such as anger and grief. When little things get in our way, we experience  18  frustrations or tensions. For example, if you are dressing to go out  19  a date, you may feel frustration when a zipper breaks or a button falls off. The more difficulty you have in reaching a goal, the more frustrated you may feel and the more angry you may become. If you really want something to happen, and you feel it  20  happen, but someone or something stops it, you may become quite


1.  A. shocked         B. astounded        C. surprised      D. bewildered


解析:你能感受到多少种喜怒哀乐的情绪呢?   shocked 震惊; astounded 吃惊; surprised惊奇; bewildered  迷惑,弄糊涂;你会吃惊地发现在很难描述它们。


2.  A. the emotional feelings are          B. are emotional feelings

    C. the emotional feelings is           D. is the emotional feeling


解析:以not only开头,这个句子要倒装;这些感觉不仅仅很难用语言来描述的,它们很难…,所以A、C两项显然排除,另外看后一句知用复数形式,故B正确。


3.  A. list            B. recognize        C. arrange        D. understand


解析:list 清单,一览表; recognize 承认,认出; arrange 整理,分类; understand 懂得,明白;它们很难一一列(list)出来。


4.  A. agree           B. agree on         C. agree to       D. agree with


解析:agree  同意; agree on  对…意见一致; agree to 同意,商定;  agree with 同意某人(或某人意见); 这句话正确意思应该是:“结果,两人很少意见都一致。”


5.  A. necessary       B. vital            C. essential      D. basic


解析:necessary  必需的,必要的; vital 生命的,有生命力的,至关重要的; essential

必要的,本质的; basic 基本的,基础的;然而,有许多种基本的感情大多数人都经历过。根据选项意思可能选出正确答案为D,这是考查词汇掌握情况的题。


6.  A. if              B. what             C. that           D. when




7.  A. one             B. the one          C. very one       D. only one




8.  A. search to       B. search of        C. search         D. search for


解析:search for 寻求; 这句话意思是:“我们每个人都寻求幸福”。


9.  A. practice        B. rule             C. law            D. sense


解析:as a rule  通常,一般(说来);固定搭配。


10. A. desired         B. desirous         C. prospective    D. fascinated


解析:我们什么时候会有愉悦的心情呢?就是当我们达到了我们的目标时,得到了我们想要的东西时; desired  期望,要求; desirous渴望的; prospective未来的, 预期的;

fascinated  迷人,迷住。根据句意,看选择项显然是A项意思符合。


11. A. For             B. When             C. Since          D. Being


解析:做题之前先看第三段第一句话大意是说“人们期待不同的目标与东西,有的人以修理机动车为乐,有人以做数学题为乐。” 根据这句话的逻辑关系可知这里用since(表原因,相当于as)最为合适;而下个空用D项,那么这句话意思就完整了:“由于人们期待不同的目标与东西,因此可能有的人以修理机动车为乐,而有的人却以做数学题为乐,这就可以理解了。”


12. A. understanding                       B. understood

    C. to understand                       D. understandable


解析:参考上题解析; understandable 可理解的;这里需一个形容词,构成系表结构。


13. A. however         B. if               C. while          D. even though




14. A. same            B. common           C. positive       D. different




15. A. just            B. purely           C. right          D. even


解析:几个排比句式,or in just being together, 或者只是在一起。


16. A. of obtaining                        B. in obtaining

    C. with obtaining                      D. for obtaining


解析:have difficulty in doing sth  做…有困难;


17. A. bad             B. unpleasant       C. uneasy         D. negative


解析:当我们在实现我们的目标或得到我们想要的东西的过程中遇到困难时,我们体验到…感情呢?比如生气和悲伤。看选项:bad 坏的; unpleasant 令人不快的,讨厌的; uneasy 不自在的,不舒适的; negative 否定的,消极的;显然这里“生气和悲伤”是属于消极的情绪,D项最合适;其实做这类就是要看上下文,特别是such as后面的例子最能给你提供线索。


18. A. little          B. unnecessary      C. less           D. minor




19. A. on              B. in               C. for            D. to


解析:go out for a date 赴约,约会,固定搭配;如果你穿好衣服去约会,当突然拉链开了,或扣子掉了时,你会感到很丧气。


20. A. will            B. shall            C. should         D. would




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