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2015-06-29 15:15:52

爱思英语编者按:记得有人说对《老友记》最初的看法是:“没什么好说的”。十几年过后,发现根本不是这样的。《老友记》全十季可在Netflix观看。为了给珍妮弗·安妮斯顿庆祝生日,《赫芬顿邮报》专门跟《老友记》的布景师Greg Grande和艺术监制John Shaffner谈起这部经典之剧,一起寻回以前采访演员们的时光,从而也找回曾一度被称为“失眠咖啡馆”的《老友记》幕后一些琐事。


8 Behind-The-Scenes Stories You've Never Heard About 'Friend

The very first line on "Friends" was "There's nothing to tell." Over a decade later, that's still not true at all. With all 10 seasons of "Friends" available on Netflix -- and to celebrate star Jennifer Aniston's birthday -- The Huffington Post spoke with original set decorator Greg Grande, art director (or today's equivalent, production designer) John Shaffner and also combed through old interviews with the cast to get deeper trivia about "Friends" than just that it used to be called "Insomnia Cafe."
记得有人说对《老友记》最初的看法是:“没什么好说的”。十几年过后,发现根本不是这样的。《老友记》全十季可在Netflix观看。为了给珍妮弗·安妮斯顿庆祝生日,《赫芬顿邮报》专门跟《老友记》的布景师Greg Grande和艺术监制(也就是现在的总美工设计师)John Shaffner谈起这部经典之剧,一起寻回以前采访演员们的时光,从而也找回曾一度被称为“失眠咖啡馆”的《老友记》幕后一些琐事。

1. The iconic orange couch was found ripped and tattered, deep in the corners of a prop basement.

"The first thing I did was scour the Warner Bros. prop house," Grande explained. "Literally in the basement, deep in one of the corners of the basement, was this sofa that was absolutely beautiful and the line of it was just gorgeous. It was very tattered. We cleaned it up a little bit, it had quite a few rips in the fabric. But we cleaned up."

Not enough for NBC it turns out. The network had Grande reupholster the couch and clean it up even more. Grande said that the still memorable but slightly less recognizable green chair was also found in that basement. Grande attempted to find out what Warner Bros. had used these seats for in the past, but never had luck.

The orange sofa, along with the rest of the Central Perk set, is on display at the Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour in Burbank, California.

2. The frame around the peephole was originally supposed to have a picture, but then the glass was accidentally broken.

Grande bought the frame from the Rose Bowl Swap Meet and initially dressed it into the set as a normal picture holder that sat on a table.

"I originally had it as a picture frame that had a back on it," he said. "And while we were dressing the glass in it broke and I told one of the guys, 'Well let's see what that frame looks like around the peephole.' And they put it up there for me and that's where it lived for the next 10 years. It actually was as simple as that. Kind of a funny mistake."

The origin of the idea might have come from John Shaffner pushing for Grande to do something special with the door. Shaffner really doesn't like when doors in sitcoms are lackluster. "It's one of my pet peeves," he said, "especially in sitcoms in New York, what's on the back on the door."
这个主意是John Shaffner极力想要Grande给那扇门弄点装饰的时候想出来的。Shaffner真的不喜欢剧里的门显得毫无光泽。他说:“这是我最讨厌的东西之一,尤其是在纽约的情景剧里门背上的东西。”

So before the break of the frame, Shaffner had been telling Grande, "Come on, Greg, what're we going to do with the back of the door? What're we going to do with the back of the door?" Then Grande had the broken frame and figured he might as well try it out.
所以在相框还未破之前,Shaffner就一直跟Grande说:“说吧,Greg,我们该要拿门背如何?我们该要拿门背如何啊?”然后 Grande的相框的玻璃就碎了,因此Grande就想他也只好拿那玻璃碎掉的相框试一试。

3. Chandler's awkwardness around women and habit of stressing the word "be" in questions was actually based off Matthew Perry.

According to a 1995 article in People, Chandler Bing's trademark awkwardness came from Matthew Perry himself.

Particular dating mishaps would even make it into the show. That said, of course the Bing character was made more ridiculous than Perry for the sitcom. The actor is quoted as saying, "These characters are slightly exaggerated, slightly more entertaining versions of ourselves."

Beside the awkwardness, arguably Bing's most memorable aspect -- exaggerated questions -- also comes from Perry. "He has this way of speaking, using questions like, 'Could this be any more this or that?' So they wrote an entire episode about how everybody at his office makes fun of him because of the way he talks," Jennifer Aniston said.

4. Jennifer Aniston and other cast members were scared of Matt LeBlanc before meeting him, just based on reading his character's forward personality.

In an article from People, writer Craig Tomashoff explained how Matt LeBlanc was perceived before he'd even met the cast:
作者Craig Tomashoff在《人民报》上写了一篇文章,是关于马特·勒布朗在认识其他演员之前别人对他的看法的。

Some cast members were also nervous about LeBlanc, 27, who hails from Newton, Mass. (his father is a mechanic and his mother makes circuit boards), and whose résumé includes a stint looking studly as a Levi's model. "I was scared of that type of guy," says Aniston, who assumed he'd be muy macho. "He thinks it's very funny now. And actually, he can sit down and comfort me just like Courteney or Lisa could."

Having someone constantly hitting on you asking, "How you doin'?" might get sort of annoying, but LeBlanc was more of a "How are you doing?" person in real life.
如果有人一看到你不停挑逗性的问你:“近来好吗?”,这可能会有点让人反感,但是勒布朗在现实生活中更像是会问你 “你最近还好吗”的人。

5. The real reason Monica's apartment was so big was actually different than what the show claimed. It was based of the set designers' own apartment from the 1970s.

Co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane, producer Kevin Bright and the designers John Shaffner and Joe Stewart each drew from their own New York experiences to create "Friends." Specifically, Shaffner and Stewart lived together in an apartment that ended up becoming the inspiration for Monica's apartment and the show's home base.
编剧Marta Kauffmand和 David Crane,制片人Kevin Bright,布景设计师John Shaffne还有Joe Stewart他们各自截取他们在纽约的种种经历来给《老友记》提供素材。具体来讲,Shaffner 和Stewart曾同居一间公寓,最后这间公寓便成了莫妮卡公寓跟剧里本部模型的灵感来源。

"We'd all had similar New York experiences in the late '70s, so we kind of reached into our communal New York lives and withdrew a lot of elements that we felt were appropriate for the story," Shaffner said. "And we had lived in a sixth-floor walkup, so we knew you got a bigger apartment for less money if you're willing to climb six flights of stairs."

But there was always a perennial question about the show: How did Monica afford such a huge apartment?

"The answer was it's the sixth floor of a walkup," Shaffner said. The explanation of rent control was written into the show as it was easier to explain to the wider audience, but this was always the real reasoning in his mind.

Since the characters were largely broke in the beginning of the series, the decorating inspiration was thrift stores and flea markets and even other people's garbage. "When you need to furnish your place and you don't have much money, one of the great places to shop is the streets of Manhattan," Shaffner said.

6. NBC expected to get tons of hate mail for the gay wedding, but only received a handful of complaints.

As The Daily Dot recently argued at length, "Friends" was an important show for pushing equality. Earlier seasons relied on problematic gay panic jokes, and the show certainly got criticism for having an all-white cast, but even by just Season 2, a whole episode was focused on a gay wedding.
就像The Daily Dot(第一份描写互联网虚拟国度的报纸)的那样,《老友记》对于促进同性恋平等的一部重要的剧。前几季笑点主要都是恐同(同性恋恐惧症)问题的笑话,当然这部剧也因为演员全是白人而遭受批评。但单单在第二季,就有一集的重头戏是同性婚礼。

According to David Wild's book, Friends ... 'Til the End, the network was expecting a lot more pushback than they received for "The One with the Lesbian Wedding." Executive producer Marta Kauffman said, “NBC expected thousands and thousands of phone calls and hate mail.”
据David Wild著的一书《朋友啊,直到世界尽头》,广播网期待收到的反对意见远比 “蕾丝边婚礼”一集的多。该剧总监Marta Kauffman说:“美国广播公司期待收到成千上万个观众打来的电话跟成千上万封恐吓信。

Instead, NBC received only four complaints by telephone.

7. The famous "mistake" in the establishing shot actually has an explanation.

It's often labeled as a mistake that the establishing shot for Monica and Joey's apartments is wrong. There is a fire escape where there shouldn't be; there's no balcony. John Shaffner had the same exact reservations. Initially they had wanted him to make a window for Monica's apartment that was sort of special and gave it a kind of identification, hence the big multi-paned window in the show. Shaffner wanted the exterior shot to match so as he said, "I went to New York and came back with an armful of pictures of the tops of the sixth-floor buildings with windows like that."
莫妮卡和乔伊的公寓远景取景方式经常被认为是不对的。他们公寓有个火灾逃生出口,而在剧里,公寓不该有。公寓也没有天台。这些John Shaffner正好之前都预留了。起初他们想要他给莫妮卡的公寓弄个特别点的窗,这样也给了公寓一个特殊身份,因此就弄了剧里那个用杂色小布片拼作的窗。Shaffner想公寓外景镜头有这样的效果,他说:“我去了一趟纽约回来后带回一摞带有那种窗的六层建筑楼顶部的照片。”

But then the show used something else entirely and Shaffner wanted an explanation.

"They got an establishing shot with arched windows and I'm like, 'Well, we don't have any arched windows in the set,'" Shaffner recalled. "So that was always, to me, kind of like where are these windows. So they said, 'Don't worry, we're just showing the building, their apartment is on the other side, don't worry.'"

The establishing shot is supposed to be showing the other side of the building. Perhaps unorthodox, but at least it clears up that supposed error?

8. Central Perk was actually kind of, sort of based on a particular restaurant in Manhattan.

Shaffner wanted to make it clear that any specific restaurant used as inspiration was then tweaked to create the wholly original Central Perk. That said, there is one place that seems to have been particularly on his and the creators minds.

"The coffee house came about because there was a little restaurant that we used to all go down to on West 4th Street in Manhattan, and it had a door in the corner," Shaffner said. "So we went to Kevin and Margaret and David and when we showed them the model and I said, 'We want to do a little corner door like the restaurant that we used to go to,' and they remembered it as well. It was called Arnold's Turtle."
Shaffner说:“这个咖啡馆之所以会有是因为我们以前经常光顾曼哈顿韦斯特第四大道的一家小餐馆,这家餐馆的角落有扇门。所以我们就去Kevin, Margaret 和David的家向他们展示咖啡馆的模型时,我说:‘我们想在咖啡馆角落弄个跟那家餐馆里一样的小门’,他们也记得餐馆那扇门的名字——Arnold's Turtle。”

Unfortunately, Arnold's Turtle, which was a vegetarian restaurant, is no longer open. In it's place -- at 51 Bank Street -- is now Hamilton's Soda Fountain & Luncheonette. Not exactly Central Perk, but, for super fans, maybe worth a trip.
可惜啊,Arnold's Turtle之前是一家素食餐馆,现在已经不营业了。现在在班克第五十一大道,叫Hamilton's Soda Fountain & Luncheonette,不再是中央公园咖啡馆了,但是,对于剧迷们来说,即使如此,这家店也值得一去吧。

Both Shaffner and Greg Grande talked about how this was sort of "before the coffee craze." So despite pictures of New York coffee shops, the main inspiration came from, as Shaffner said, "yesteryears bohemian coffee shops where people really came in and hung and played music and did all that stuff." Grande also mentioned Internet cafes where people would actually hang out for a few hours as a reasoning for why these friends would spend so much time at Central Perk.
Shaffner和Greg Grande谈到这个咖啡馆就是在咖啡热掀起之前的。因此即使脑海有闪现过纽约咖啡店,,灵感主要来源于Shaffner说的往年风格不拘于传统的咖啡店,人们去那些咖啡店都是逛逛啊,放放音乐啊什么的。Grande也提到网上咖啡馆,人们在那里通常会逛上个几小时,他觉得这是大伙们愿意大部分都待在中央公园咖啡馆的原因。


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